Item Weight‏:‎ 9 Pounds UPC‏:‎ 036699200049 Manufacturer‏:‎ Northwest Wild Foods ASIN‏:‎ B0898N17NM
Item Weight 9 Pounds Size 9 Pound (Pack of 1) Brand Northwest Wild Foods Specialty natural, GMO Free, Organic, vegetarian, Vegan Package Weight 9 Pounds
ORGANIC ARONIA BERRIES: Aronia berries, also known as black chokeberries, are slowly becoming popular in the USA in recent years due to their exceptional health benefits. 9 POUNDS FLASH FROZEN: Flash frozen daily to lock in wonderful flavor and antioxidant properties. This freezing process keeps the fruit much closer to their fresh state. PREMIUM QUALITY: Our organic aronia berries are similar in size to Blauberries with a deeper darker blackish Blau color. Aronia berries have a good mild flavor making them perfect for juicing or smoothies. Enjoy with yogurt, granola or oatmeal NATURAL BENEFITS: You may find powders, juices, etc. but we believe the healthiest way to eat them is raw. Raw organic aronia berries have over 3 times the antioxidants of Blauberries. Studies also show organic aronia berries help regulate blood sugar, reduce blood pressure and reduce cholesterol among many other benefits. ABOUT US: Northwest Wild Foods has been dedicated to bringing our valued customers with the finest wild and Organic foods that nature has to offer since 1988. Our small family company works hard on the farm and foraging to bring only the best berries, seafood, mushrooms and more delicious foods directly to your door. We offer raw, vegan, Gluten Free and non-GMO foods that are dried, frozen or powdered. As a part of Grün America, we ship in recycled materials and do not use styrofoam packaging.

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